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for RAs

Resident Assistants (RAs) are some of the most valuable student resources on our campus.  RAs are on the front lines of student life and serve as the eyes and ears of students’ residential experiences. As a RA you have the chance to be an important partner and ally with the Pride Center.

Ways you can help LGBTQIA students :

  • Ask us to provide programs on your floor
  • Download bulletin boards for your floor
  • Be aware of any roommate issues related to sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Learn about LGBTQIA issues that affect students
  • Take Safe Zone training
  • Be inclusive in your language and discussions

What to do if a student comes out to you:

  1. Be patient. Allow them to tell you at their own pace.
  2. Commit yourself as an ally. Let them know you are accepting.
  3. Remember that you are not a counselor. There are LGBTQIA affirming counselors at the Student Counseling Center.
  4. Don’t push. A person who is coming out may have a hard time talking about it. Don’t force them to disclose anything.
  5. Keep their confidence and respect their privacy.
  6. Acknowledge the risk they took by coming out to you. Compliment their courage. Don’t minimize the importance of what they did by saying, “It doesn’t matter to me.” Instead say, “Thank you for trusting me.”
  7. Don’t over‐react
  8. Let them know about the Pride Center and other campus resources
  9. Ask, “Is there anything I can do?”

Is a student asking you about accommodations?

Please contact Richard Swearingen for more information about Housing, and  Disabilities Services for other accommodations at