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for Allies

Four Basic Components of Becoming an Ally

  1. Awareness: Explore how you are different from and similar to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning people. Gain this awareness through talking with LGBTQIA people attending workshops and self-examination.
  2. Knowledge/ Education: Begin to understand policies, laws and practices and how they affect LGBTQIA people. Educate yourself on the many communities of LGBTQIA people.
  3. Skills: This is an area that is difficult for many people. You must learn to take your awareness and knowledge and communicate it to others. You can acquire these skills by attending workshops, role playing with friends or peers, and developing supportive connections.
  4. Action: This is the most important and frightening step. Despite the fears, action is the only way to effect change in community as a whole.

Learn more by taking a Safe Zone workshop.