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The OUTlist

Sign the 2019 OUTlist here!


The OUTlist is an annual initiative sponsored by the Pride Center focused on raising the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Simply put, it is a list of UT-affiliated supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. Digital signatures are solicited every fall from August to late September from self-identified allies and in-community members, and the list is compiled and published every October. We encourage anyone with a UT-affiliation (faculty/staff, current student, and/or alumni) that supports the LGBTQ+ community to sign the list. Our goal is to increase the number of signatures each year until our entire campus community eventually signs it!

Our version of the OUTlist is inspired by other lists done at other universities and colleges across the country.

Why does UT need the OUTlist? Why should I sign it?

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has been rated one of the most LGBTQ+-unfriendly campuses by the Princeton Review for the last several years. Many of our LGBTQ+ students feel that there is not support for their diverse identities exists outside the Pride Center. Many cannot name an “out” faculty or staff member. We hope to change that perception and demonstrate the growing community of support here on Rocky Top. While the OUTlist is only one part of our overall programming, it is still an important demonstration of the growing support and lets students know that they are not alone. We have many faculty, staff, current students, and alumni that are passionate about the community and/or identify as LGBTQ+, and it is going to take all of us to transform UT into a place that is truly welcoming to all and hostile to none.

Where will the OUTlist be published and displayed? Does the list compromise anyone’s identity?

The OUTlist will be published annually in the Daily Beacon (both print and digital versions) every October for LGBTQ+ History Month. It will also be posted on the Pride Center’s website and archived with the UT Libraries. Signing onto the OUTlist is completely voluntary. No one is added to the list by our staff—all names are gathered from the signature submission form. If you have signed the list and wish to be removed before publication, please email as soon as possible before the signature deadline (2019 edition: September 25).

What are the OUTlist posters around campus?

To promote the OUTlist and increase visibility, we have created a matching poster campaign featuring members of the OUTlist sharing their experiences of being openly/visibly LGBTQ+ and/or an ally. We hope they serve as year-round reminders of the OUTlist in addition to highlighting the amazing faculty, staff, students, and alums at UT.

Who is the main contact for the OUTlist?

The OUTlist is spearheaded by the Pride Center and conducted in partnership with the Office of Communications and Marketing and Student Media.
Pride Center: Bonnie Johnson (she/her/hers),
OCM: Meghan Jagnow (she/her/hers),
Student Media: Jerry Bush (he/him/his),