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Call for Participants

Dear Colleagues, My name is Jason Campbell-Foster and I currently serve as the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement at Northeastern University. As a colleague in the field of student affairs, I am reaching out to you as the student investigator for a doctoral thesis, and am seeking your assistance in identifying participants who you believe may be best fit to assist in this research. The title for this project is “LGBT College Student Cyberactivism: Making Meaning of Participation in Online Social Action Communities.” The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Northeastern University has approved my investigation (IRB# CPS15-07-05) to examine how LGBT college students perceive their engagement with online communities that center on social action. The goal of this research study is to understand how certain, traditional age LGBT college students utilize the internet to engage in activism, how effective they perceive this involvement to be, and what resources that have used to engage in activism online. Exploring these questions will provide us with an important insight into how the internet provides a major resource for college student activism. I am seeking participants who identify as LGBT and are traditional college students (age 18-21) with experience engaging in online activism. If you would like to nominate student leaders to participate, please direct them to use the following form to apply for consideration .This study will take part over three interviews: the first being a 20-30 minute introduction; the second a 60-90 minute exploration into the student experience and a final interview (up to 30 minutes) for clarification and reflection purposes. Information will be kept confidential and your students’ names will never be shared with others or used in published results. Selection of participants is not guaranteed but will be determined after a review of their responses to an introductory questionnaire have been recorded. Participation is voluntary. Please contact me with any questions, concerns or comments. I appreciate your assistance with identifying qualified students. My email is Sincerely, Jason Campbell-Foster Student Investigator/EdD candidate in the College of Professional Studies Northeastern University